2001 - 2006 Sprinter Passenger Grab Handle Kit
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2001 - 2006 Sprinter passenger grab handle
Sprinter Grab Handle
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2001 - 2006 Sprinter passenger grab handle
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Sprinter passenger side grab handle kit. Fits 2001 - 2006 Dodge, Freightliner & Mercedes Sprinter above passenger side front door. All parts needed to install grab handle over passenger side door included. Installation is easy. Pull the rubber seal down above the door to allow access behind the headliner. Pop out the plastic plugs in the headliner and slip the metal bracket in place. Reinstall the headliner rubber trim and then screw the grab handle in place.

First pull the door seal down. The pillar cover removes easy with just a jerk. Next remove the torx screws that hold the foam support for the pillar cover. You will also need to remove the passenger side visor bracket closest to the door.

The headliner should now be loose enough to install the handle bracket behind it. All that will protrude out is the dogears that clip to the holes. The bracket can be installed upside down, so make sure it fits correctly before reassembly.

The handle can now be screwed to the bracket.  You can also install this bracket on the driver's side, but the holes are not cut.  You can measure and cut carefully if you are handy enough.

Usually ships by next business day. Please allow an additional 1-5 business days for delivery to most US locations.
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good, but seems overpriced
  I am so glad to find this item. I've looked everywhere with no luck. It works as expected but seems overpriced for what it is
  Reviewed by:  corby from US. on 9/28/2018
2005 Sprinter passenger grab handle
  This is a well designed product and works as you would expect. The fact that it flips up when not in use is especially nice. The instructions should have noted that the mounting bracket clips to the headliner. I expected it to mount to the frame; for this reason I pulled the headliner down farther than I needed to, which meant more work for me. All in all, I'm very pleased with this product.
  Reviewed by:  Stanley Urbas from seabeck, wa. on 9/8/2017
All Good
  The kit was pretty easy to install, works great. I got all kinds of brownie points for installing a the grab handle.
  Reviewed by:  Brad from Southern Indiana. on 4/7/2015
Grab handle
  We purchased the grab handle and found that it could not be installed because it interfered with the privacy curtain track even though the mounting holes were below the track because the handle flips upward. No mounting instructions included but reviews had what looked like good tips. Otherwise it seems good quality.
  Reviewed by:  Paula from New Mexico. on 6/3/2014
2006 Sprinter Passenger Grab Handle
  Ran out of space so will be posted in a couple of reviews. Excellent quality, took me less than an hour to install and reassemble trim. Handle works well but will not support hanging from it, probably should not have more that 20 pounds of force suspended from it. Tools--T20 torx, small (~1/4" tip) blade screw driver, two medium to medium large (~1/2" to 3/4") blade screw drivers. 1) Orient yourself to the handle and the mounting bracket. If you consider how the spring on the grab handle works you'll see that the moun ting bracket can only be oriented one way. Notice the tabs on the mounting bracket--they will need to clip the headliner for proper installation. 2) Screw the sheet metal screws into plae on the mounting bracket with a T20 torx then uncrew them. This will make the final install easier as you may have to use a small blade screw driver. 3) Open the passenger door and sliding door. Gently pull down the rubber door seal until it is about half way down on both sides of each door. 4) Push the B-pillar (between the passenger door and the sliding door) plastic trim away from the B-pillar. You'll notice a plastic tab holding it in place secured by a metal clip. You need to get the B-pillar trim away from the B-pillar so you can move the headliner out of the way. 5) Using a couple of large blade screw drivers gently move the headliner away from the door. 6) Slip the mounting bracket between the headliner and the door (properly oriented) from the B-pillar side of the door. I did not remove the A-pillar trim so the forward section of the headliner was fairly snug.
  Reviewed by:  david from tulsa, ok. on 3/4/2013