Repair kit intercooler turbo hose 2007 - 2015 Sprinter with 6 cylinder engine
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Repair kit intercooler turbo hose 2007 - 2015 Sprinter with 6 cylinder engine
Repair kit intercooler turbo hose 2007 - 2015 Sprinter - O ring not included
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Repair kit intercooler turbo hose 2007 - 2015 Sprinter with 6 cylinder engine
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ADAP-09 - 2007 - 2015, 3 liter V6 Turbo diesel engine 

Save money, prevent blown hoses!

This kit repairs a common problem on the 2007 - 2015, 3 liter V6 tubo to intercooler hoses. The turbo-to-intercooler hoses AND the intercooler to intake hoses are BOTH cracking and blowing out at the ends, causing the engines to go into "limp home mode." These hoses have a metal fitting "formed" onto the hoses. (See photo 1 below) These hoses failure begin with cracks forming at the fitting (See photo 2 below). At first, the tiny crack may cause an "occasional" limp home mode problem and then seemingly return to normal. Soon however, these tiny cracks "blow out" and become big cracks, putting the engine in limp home mode and ruining your workday or vacation schedule. The most common hose to crack is the drivers’ side intercooler-to-intake hose however both hoses are experiencing this failure. Now you can eliminate this problem before it starts (no need to wait until the hose fails) with our ADAP-09 which fits either hose end and solves the end cracking problems once and for all. (See Photo 3 below) Two ADAP-09s cost little more than replacing one blown out hose. (one hose assembly with the metal end can cost $130-$140 or more) We are recommending replacing both of these metal hose ends at the same time on your 2007 - 2015 V6 Sprinter to avoid future problems on the road. ADAP-09s do not affect your warranty.

original 07 Sprinter hose
hose with metal end
cracked turbo hose
Cracked and Blown
out turbo hose
Turbo Hose Repair
ADAP-09 ready to
be installed
 ADAP-09 download FAQ pdf download instructions pdf

Made in USA. Each kit is for one hose end repair.  Order 2 kits if you want to repair both hoses on 07-14 models. Does not include the "O-ring", re-use the "O-ring" from the original hose. Usually ships by the next business day.  Please allow 1-5 additional business days for delivery to most US locations. Express shipping is available.  Order at top of page.

Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Innovative high quality parts. Pricy but considering they are machined billet parts understandable. I added two, and am using the intercooler outlet side to hold two water methanol injection nozzles and a boost sensor line. 77i88f951
Reviewed by: Walter from Phoenix AZ. on 4/4/2017
After suffering a failure of the intercooler hose in a most inconvenient location I ordered this "fix" to keep as an onboard spare for our Navion M.H.. It looks like it will work just fine.
Reviewed by: Tom Martin from monroe, WA. on 11/10/2014
2008 sprinter owner
these are very nice and they are easy to change ...just wish there was a NEW O ring with the kit ??? the pic you post has the O ring installed ??? I did have to use my old O-ring which was not a O.. more of a I have to find the correct O-ring ..go back under the motor and change it.. more of a hassle if your a shade tree mechanic like me in Ohio in December .. over all it is a very well made part and easy to install
Reviewed by: rick from findlay,ohio. on 12/30/2013