Sprinter OEM 7 Pin Factory Wiring Kit - 2007 - 2017 all models
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Sprinter OEM 7 Pin Factory Wiring Kit - 2007 - 2017 all models
Sprinter Factory Trailer Wiring Kit
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Sprinter OEM 7 Pin Factory Wiring Kit - 2007 - 2017 all models
Item ID: 82211
this item is non-returnable
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Factory 7 pin wiring harness kit.

Part#: 82211


    * Includes harness, connectors, instructions.
    * Professional installation recommended.

Factory wiring harness kit.  Recommended for heavy duty towing and applications requiring brake controller.  (brake controller not included) This item is non-returnable.

Usually ships by next business day.  Please allow an additional 1-5 business days for delivery to most US locations.

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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  The harness was relatively easy to install, just time consuming. That said it does not locate the same way the original harness does. Despite being advised that the harness had the 4 pin plug that goes under the drivers seat for the brake controller, it does not. Further I had to fit a diode onto the system to stop the harness throwing a traction control fault on the vehicle. Once all that was sorted everything was fine.
  Reviewed by:  Graham Newell from San Diego. on 11/8/2017
Great kit, very involved install
  Prompt, quick delivery, as promised! Very helpful on phone, got my hitch and wiring in time for install before trip. Very complete, robust, weather tight kit. Includes all the conversion relays from independent turn-signals to 7 pin trailer. OEM kit includes weather tight heat-shrink for splices. Powered by fuse block under driver's seat, has provision for brake controller. Concur on "Professional installation recommended". I installed myself on 2014 2500 passenger Sprinter. DIY-types: Be prepared! Took 6+ hours of install time for someone with all the tools and 30+ years of auto repair experience. Requires dismantling rear bumper trim / facia, tail lights. Requires drilling hole in body! Requires cutting vehicle wiring, splicing wires, soldering, heat shrinking splices. This involved work is not a problem with the kit. The work time is driven by the vehicle wiring being INSIDE the body, and no convenient disconnects in the vehicle wiring loom. Far from the simple "plug-in-T-connector" type job that I've done on older pick-ups, or the "plug-in-the-extension-cable-into-factory-wiring-along-the-frame" that I did on my extended Ford van. Overall, great kit, love my Sprinter. Although the "next" Sprinter I order will be WITH trailer hitch. :)
  Reviewed by:  Ron from Iowa. on 11/22/2014
It Works
  It works but...the install is not "OEM" pretty. Routing under the van is similar to other trucks/vans I have done. Does not come with a simple L-bracket to mount the female connector to the hitch. All the lights worked first time. I am still not sure how to hook up the brake control - I didn't need a brake controller on this trip so I'll need to look into it for next time!
  Reviewed by:  Maze from Idaho. on 4/25/2013