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1997 - 2003 EuroVan Left (driver side) window motor
EuroVan Window Regulator Motor

1997 - 2003 EuroVan Left (driver side) window motor

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EuroVan Window Motor
Part Number: 7D0959801C
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Window regulator motor for 1997 - 2003 VW EuroVan left, front driver side door. Motor only, regulator not included. Genuine VW part.  Note: Before you order this motor open your door and pull back the rubber boot that protects the wiring chase.  There is a thick brown ground wire in this loom that often gets broken preventing your motor from working.  The motor uses it's own ground wire, so even if you are testing your motor in the door, if your test probe is connected to the body ground, you will still get a light making it seem your old motor is bad.

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