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2007 - 2020 Sprinter Rear Screen fits Cargo Van only
Sprinter Rear Door Screen

2007 - 2020 Sprinter Rear Screen fits Cargo Van only

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Sprinter Cargo Van Rear Screen
Part Number: RW100
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This screen will fit 2007 - 2020 Sprinter cargo vans with either a high or low top. It attaches completely with magnets so there is no installation necessary. Just hold the screen in the doorway and the magnets practically jump into place! Slide the magnets into position to close up any gaps. The screens will wrap around the door hinges.

This screen consists of two separate and identical halves. All edges of the screen are wrapped with a 2 inch strong, durable polyester webbing. Each half screen has 11 super duper strong rare earth magnets that will attach to each half of the doorway. They overlap by 1 inch in the center. The center edge snaps closed with 8 long magnets that have been stitched into each edge. This allows for a hands free closure. The magnets have been stitched into the webbing. This screen goes up very easily and is just as easily removed. It folds up compactly for convenient storage when not in use. Included with the screen is a zippered nylon Cordura storage bag.

The doors can be closed with the screen in place. The screens can also be rolled back to the door edge and held in place with polyester tie-backs that have been stitched onto the side of the screen.

There are no magnets in the bottom of the screen as there is no metal there. However, the screens are long enough to fold under at the bottom.

The screening is strong, durable and puncture and tear resistant. It provides insect and pest protection, privacy, safety and debris control. It is mildew resistant and will last longer than fiberglass screen fabrics.
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