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2012 - 2022 Nissan NV Low Roof Prime Design Aluminum Rear Ladder - No Drilling!
2012 - 2022 Nissan NV Low Roof Rear Access Ladder

2012 - 2022 Nissan NV Low Roof Prime Design Aluminum Rear Ladder - No Drilling!

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Nissan NV Low Roof Prime Design Aluminum Rear Ladder
Part Number: AAL-8013
Availability: usually ships within 1-2 weeks depending on options

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Prime Design Aluminum no-drill rear access ladder. Fits 2012 - 2021 low roof Nissan NV. 84" roof height. Fits 1500, 2500 & 3500 low roof van body models. Available in bright silver anodized finish, or optional black anodized finish. Ships in 2-3 weeks.  Additional charges apply.

54", 5 rung ladder hangs off top of rear door and attaches at bottom with special clamps. Hardware included. Fits either side rear doors, but recommended for installation opposite of license plate.

Rear Door Access Ladder.

Add capability and enhance worker safety and productivity.

The rear access ladder, made of aluminum, can be fixed to the vehicle without drilling and thereby avoiding any damage to the bodywork. Additionally, this ladder can be re-used on the next vehicle of the same type.

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Made in USA. Check your year and model information and order carefully.

Usually ships within 2-3 weeks. Please allow an additional 1-5 days for delivery to most locations.

Product Features:
  • Improve safety: Eliminate the hazard of using a tire or bumper to access cargo.
  • Easy access to roof: Ladder provides safe easy access to roof.
  • Value: Maximizes resale value and maintains vehicle warranty by clamping to the rear door.
  • Good looking: Rugged and durable anodized aluminum enhances vehicle’s professional image.
  • Easy installation: Installs in minutes - Watch YouTube video to learn how.
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