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Bi-Pot 39 (5,3 gallon/20 liter) Portable Toilet
Fiamma Bi-Pot 39 portable toilet

Bi-Pot 39 (5,3 gallon/20 liter) Portable Toilet

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Bi-Pot 39 (5,3 gallon/20 liter) Portable Toilet
Part Number: 01355-01
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Bi-Pot 39
The sturdy portable toilet with scratch-resistant tanks. Easy to transport and to empty.

Simple, strong self-contained fresh water flush portable toilet. A very simple system that is both strong and easy to clean.
Compact, it can be completely dismantled, including the valve, for thorough and total cleaning. Sturdy and solid handle for easy transportation.
Large waste cap: no drainpipe, emptying is easy and hygienic, no clogging. Each tank is electronically tested for a perfect seal. Handy side clips to connect the upper and lower tanks.
Lower waste tank capacity is 20 litres. (5.3 gallons)
Color: White.

User's Manual:

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