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CURT Bike Rack Support Strap
Curt Bike Rack Strap

CURT Bike Rack Support Strap

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Bike Rack Support Strap
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Whether you are an avid mountain biker or a casual rider, you will want CURT along for the ride. CURT bike racks offer both versatility and quality and are available in several different styles to fit your needs.

The CURT bike rack support strap is a 1" x 61" strap designed to help stabilize a hitch-mounted bike rack. One end attaches to the bike rack and the other to the tow vehicle. The strap can then be tightened to the appropriate tension to ensure that the load is properly supported for travel. Though the bike rack support strap is required for any bike rack with a 1-1/4" shank, it is recommended for all CURT bike racks.

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