We will soon have the opportunity to provide the SmartBar to select Sprinter owners free of charge.

SmartBar is a company from Australia that makes light weight front end protection. These have been crash tested and are more pedestrian friendly than metal front end protection. SmartBars also have a memory and will return to their original shape after an impact.

SmartBar is made from a specifically designed polymer material which will not rust, resulting in greater longevity and performance. For this reason, the SmartBar has gained acceptance and popularity throughout the mining sector and areas of high salt content.



SmartBars are available with options, and for Sprinters with and without parking sensors. We are looking for Sprinter owners in the US that would be interested in test fitting the bar in their local shop. The SmartBar would be provided and we may be able to help with the installation cost. We would ship the product to your shop and must be able to take photos during the installation.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating. We would need a 2019 VS30 with and without parking sensors and 2014-2018 NCV3 models.

You can reply through our website or email us at [email protected]