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Our Best Selling Accessories for the EuroVan Camper

Here are our top-selling products tailored to enhance your outdoor adventures. Explore the must-have accessories and upgrades that will transform your Winnebago EuroVan Camper into the ultimate mobile getaway.

Pop Top Struts

Our pop-top struts offer the perfect solution for effortless and secure lifting of your camper’s pop-top roof. Designed with durability and convenience in mind, these struts ensure smooth operation, providing stability and ease when raising and lowering the roof of your camper. Available in original strength, heavy-duty, original locking, and heavy-duty locking.


Upgrade your Winnebago EuroVan Camper with our premium replacement blinds to enhance privacy, comfort, and style during your travels. Crafted with quality materials, our blinds offer superior light control and insulation, creating a cozy and secluded atmosphere inside your camper. Made to the original spec. and available for the sliding door window, the window over the sink, and the rear right side window.

Rear Bench Paddle Latch

Our new and improved replacement paddle latch for the EVC rear bench seat. This latch has metal parts and will last longer than the original. Fits 1995 - 2003 VW EuroVan Camper by Winnebago. 

Pop Top Seal

Elevate your Winnebago EuroVan’s comfort and protection with our high-quality pop-top seals. Engineered for durability, our seals effectively guard against leaks, drafts, and dust, ensuring a snug and secure environment inside your camper. Our 1 piece extruded EPDM foam rubber will not separate like seals offered by some competitors.

Propane Tank Service Valve

Our propane tank service valves provide reliable performance and safety on the road. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, our valves ensure efficient propane flow and secure sealing, guaranteeing hassle-free operation throughout your journeys.


Shurflo Water Pump

This compact automatic demand fresh water pump offers durability and dependability making it ideal for low-volume, intermittent-duty applications. The 105 pump self-primes up to 2.5 vertical feet while delivering over 1.0 GPM.  A 12-volt low-power consumption motor, equipped with thermal protection and a long-life pressure switch rated to 30 PSI, provides high pump performance and reliability.

Flue Vent Cover

If your EVC refrigerator vent cover is cracked or weathered, you can find the original Norcold flue vent cover here. Includes the disc insert. Rubber gasket available separately.

Our range of best-selling products for Winnebago EuroVan campers makes outdoor trips even better. From pop-top struts to propane tank valves, these upgrades add comfort and safety to your adventures. With these essentials, your Winnebago EuroVan is ready for any adventure ahead.

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