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Vanagon Front Seat Swivel Adapter
Vanagon seat swivel adapter

Vanagon Front Seat Swivel Adapter

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Vanagon Swivel Adapter
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Vanagon Front Seat Swivel Seat Adapter. Bolts to existing base. Allows use of rear facing seats (MV and Weekender models) when seat is in locked front position. Raises height of seat 3 cm. Seat will swivel any direction. For 1980 thru 1991 model years including Vanagon Westfalia.


< you only have to drill two holes, the other 4 are already in place. The seat sits about 1" higher than w/o the base, but is not a problem. It is mounted very well and does not rock or otherwise move. With my setup I have to remove the rear facing jump seat and tray to swivel the seat. I also repositioned the seatbelt mounting bracket, the bracket must be rotated about 90 degrees so the seat will clear when rotating. The only major problem I see with the design is that it would be impossible to get to the battery if the door was still there. With the door gone it is possible to get to the terminals, but not remove the battery. The remaining carpet flap is adequate to cover the battery, but the retaining system should be intact or the battery could short to the seat base. Overall I think it's pretty nice, It would be nice for camping, removing the jumpseat and the extra space from the passenger seat will oven up the interior quite a bit. dave>>

There is also a good write-up on the samba dot com

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