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1999 - 2003 EuroVan Front Seat Swivel Adapter
VW EuroVan Seat Swivel Adapter

1999 - 2003 EuroVan Front Seat Swivel Adapter

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1999 - 2003 EuroVan Front Seat Swivel Adapter
Part Number: 59501 / 3346009
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Front seat swivel adapter for 1999-2003 VW EuroVan.  Great for camping.  Opens up the interior and gives you extra seating.  

Adapter mounts on top of original seat base and allows front driver or passenger seat to swivel to face the rear.  Seat locks in forward facing position.  Not to be used while driving.  Raises seat height 1 inch. Mounting hardware included.  Will not fit driver side on Weekender models unless a shorter battery is installed and will not fit on passenger or driver side of MV or MV Weekender models unless rear facing seat bracket is removed.  Built in wiring chase allows for heated seats. Color: black. 

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