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10" Universal Rubber Bumper Strips (3-Pack)

10" Universal Rubber Bumper Strips (3-Pack)

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10" Universal Rubber Bumper Strips
Part Number: 2090615-3
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This rubber bumper strip 3-pack is ideal for cargo vans, work trucks and trailers when backing into a loading dock or loading area. The bumpers can be mounted on the rear bumper, rear step or even the front bumper and sides for maximum protection. They also offer a perfect fit for the LUVERNE Impact™ shock-absorbing bumper. These rubber bumper guards provide extra protection for the vehicle and its components. The bumper strips measure 2-1/8" x 1-7/8" x 10", and each has two pre-drilled holes for 1/4" hardware and easier mounting.

NOTE: This package comes with attachment hardware. Some drilling into the mounting surface may be required.

  • Helps protect rear bumper, front bumper, sides and rear step
  • Great for cargo vans, trailers and work trucks backing into loading areas
  • Each strip measures 2-1/8" tall x 1-7/8" thick x 10" long
  • Fits pre-drilled holes on the Impact shock-absorbing bumper
  • Tough black rubber construction
  • Pre-drilled holes accept 1/4" hardware


  • Includes three bumpers and hardware
  • Usually ships within 1-2 business days  Please allow an additional 1 - 5 business days for delivery to most US locations.  Ships only by UPS Ground.  

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