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2019 - 2024 Mercedes Sprinter Front Bumper Without Bull Bar
2019 - 2024 Mercedes Sprinter Front Bumper Without Bull Bar (shown with optional lighting and winch)

2019 - 2024 Mercedes Sprinter Front Bumper Without Bull Bar

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2019 - 2024 Mercedes Sprinter Front Bumper Without Bull Bar
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2019 - 2024 Sprinter Front Bumper Without Bull Bar by Backwoods Adventure Mods

Off-road enthusiasts know that some front-end damage is bound to happen when you go off the beaten path. That’s why it’s important to properly outfit your off-road vehicle with off-road aftermarket accessories to help protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage as you navigate rough terrain. Our Mercedes Sprinter front bumper is constructed from 3/16” 5052 aluminum, providing your vehicle with a durable, scratch-resistant front end to take on whatever the outdoors throws your way.

This bumper also has an internal 3/16” rib system for added reinforcement, and the mounting brackets and winch cradle are made from steel that’s ¼” thick. The combination of aluminum and steel makes for a front bumper that’s strong when you need it but lightweight enough to not interfere with your vehicle’s handling. This overland aftermarket bumper weighs only 130 pounds. The matte black finish also integrates beautifully into your vehicle’s design, giving it a sleek and rugged appearance.

Our Mercedes Sprinter 2019 - 2023 front bumper includes a winch mount for the WARN VR-EVO and Zeon series of winches and 4 square light pockets that accept Pathfinder LED lights. This accessory also exceeds Mercedes’ airflow requirements, allowing your engine to stay cool when it’s working its hardest. All bumpers are produced with sensor hole cutouts as well, so all of your vehicle’s safety functions remain intact after installation.

This highly durable bumper provides full frontal coverage for your vehicle. So, whether you’re scraping against rocks on a rocky uphill slope or plowing through the underbrush to your next hunting spot, this aftermarket overland accessory will be able to take on whatever nature throws at you.

If you’re looking for a bumper that’s designed for traversing the roughest terrain, look no further. Backwoods Adventure Mods offers the lightweight, durable bumper you need for your Mercedes Sprinter.



  • Black Matte Finish
  • Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • Integrated vertical and horizontal gusset system
  • Steel mounting structure for strength that includes:
  • 4 square light pockets that accept Pathfinder LED pods
  • Full frontal coverage of the DEF tank
  • Exceeds Mercedes airflow requirements
  • All bumpers are produced with sensor hole cutouts.  Machined sensor cap deletes or housings for factory sensors* are included
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Install time 2.5 to 3 hours not including winch or lighting installation
  • Installation Instructions

  • (If ordering for a Sprinter 3500 dually, please select the 4WD option regardless if your 3500 is 4WD or 2WD. You will need our 4WD brackets for your 3500 van. The 3500 requires you to remove the DEF tank in order to drill your own holes into the frame. Contact Backwoods Sales at 479.365.6700 for additional information.)

Important information: 

 *Parking sensor functionality is not guaranteed. You may experience varying results depending on your lift, mounting angle, type of vehicle, or other contributing factors. The sensors may need calibration or may ultimately not work on the aftermarket bumper. Note: Results may vary when moving the CPA sensor from the OEM location. Drive with care until you have verified that the system functions correctly. Adjustments may be necessary. We cannot guarantee our product is compatible with this system.

Usually ships within 1-2 weeks. **Ships by truck freight to commercial addresses only**  Please allow an additional 1 - 5 business days for delivery to most US locations.

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